I have dementia

A diagnosis of dementia does not mean that you will have to change your life dramatically. Life will change to a certain extent, but look upon it as a new beginning that can be happy and fulfilled.

There is no reason why you should not continue to enjoy social activities, hobbies and family gatherings as you have always done.

It is important to keep doing normal, everyday tasks you have always done; it might take a bit longer or you might lose track of what you are doing from time to time but the important thing is to try to keep active and involved.

See our information on various aspects of living with dementia in the following factsheets.

General information

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What shall I do?

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Counselling and Family Support

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Eating and drinking

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Keeping active

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Living alone

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Looking after myself

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Did you know?

Dementia is sometimes mistakenly considered to be one disease, but it is actually a group of diseases that affect people in many different ways. Just as there are different types of heart disease or cancer, there are different types of dementia.