Mission Statement & Aims and Objectives



To raise awareness and improve understanding of dementia throughout Jersey and to support people affected by dementia.




(Short term – have the intention of achieving)

  • Raising awareness of dementia throughout the Island
  • Lobbying for increased support for people affected by dementia
  • Lobbying for timely detection of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
  • Helping the person with dementia to live a full life by providing meaningful activities, education and support
  • Supporting carers and families by providing practical help, guidance, information and support
  • Educating the general public, businesses, organisations and young people about dementia
  • Training of health care professionals, family carers and others directly involved in caring about dementia and person centred care



(Long term – a goal)

  • To make Jersey a dementia friendly community
  • To support people affected by dementia
  • To help remove the  stigma of dementia
  • To assist in advancing research




Did you know?

Unpaid carers supporting someone with dementia save the UK economy £6 billion a year.