Meal delivery services

If people are no longer able to cook their own meals, there are options for home delivery services.

Age Concern

Provides reasonably-priced frozen meals, including vegetarian options and meals for those who have eating/swallowing difficulties. Meals can be delivered on a standing order basis and they will also provide a small freezer free of charge.

Phone 01534 870354 on Mondays & Thursdays between 9.30am and 12.30pm

Meals on Wheels

Offers a reasonably-priced hot meal delivery service from Tuesday to Friday inclusive. Meals are delivered ready to eat in a hot box and can be kept warm. They should not be re-heated once they are cold.

Phone 01534 853737 for further information

Did you know?

Dementia knows no social, economic, ethnic or geographical boundaries and affects millions of people throughout the world. As dementia progresses individuals affected need care with all aspects of daily life. Families mostly provide this care.