Arts Exploration

'Arts Exploration' is a weekly art as therapy programme specifically designed for people living with dementia, their families and carers.  It is run by Lucy Blackmore. 

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The venue is the Elim Centre off Plat Douet Road in Georgetown, St Saviour. 

The start time on Wednesdays each week is 11am and sessions last until 1pm. Come and join us! Tea or coffee will be served during the morning and there is parking at the Elim Centre.

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Below are some images of the Arts Exploration Exhibition which was held in May 2017 to mark the start of Dementia Awareness Week. The Exhibition was displayed in the Bar Gallery, Café Jac, Jersey Arts Centre in St Helier.

Our thanks as ever to Lucy Blackmore and the many talented artists who attend her weekly arts as therapy group.


Did you know?

Dementia knows no social, economic, ethnic or geographical boundaries and affects millions of people throughout the world. As dementia progresses individuals affected need care with all aspects of daily life. Families mostly provide this care.