Musical Memories

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Musical Memories is a music therapy activity that is tailored specifically for people with memory loss and confusion, their carers and friends. Groups from Residential Homes are also welcome. The sessions include gentle exercises to help with co-ordination, while music and singing stimulate the memory and encourage communication.

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Musical Memories is held every Friday afternoon at St Saviour's Parish Hall.

We begin with refreshments at 2pm and socialise until the singing begins at 2.30pm finishing at 3.30pm.

The sessions are free of charge and you don't need to be able to sing in tune (none of us can!) Don't be shy, come along, have fun, meet new people and feel uplifted at the end of the session.

For more information phone our Office on 01534 723519

NB There will be no Musical Memories on 9 February, 30 March and 1 June 2018.


Did you know?

Dementia knows no social, economic, ethnic or geographical boundaries and affects millions of people throughout the world. As dementia progresses individuals affected need care with all aspects of daily life. Families mostly provide this care.