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It is important to remember that everyone who has dementia experiences it in their own way. Although many of the symptoms are the same, they can vary quite widely even on a daily basis. Because each of us is a unique individual with our own unique personality and life history, one person's journey will not be the same as another's. It is important for families and carers to know what type of dementia a person has and the types of behaviour that may occur.

This section deals with some of the issues any carer may face, be they a professional carer or a family member or friend, when caring for the person who has memory loss and is confused. Bear in mind that these are intended to be guidelines; some solutions might work for some people but might not work for others. It is a case of working through to find out what suits you and the person you are caring for.



Information about dementia for carers

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Aggressive behaviour

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Changes in behaviour

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Dealing with pain

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Dementia and learning disabilities

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Mistrust and suspicion

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Moving about, leaving home

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Unusual behaviour

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Did you know?

The number of people with dementia is increasing rapidly. It is estimated that there are currently 1,400 people in Jersey living with dementia, many of whom have not as yet obtained a formal diagnosis; this number is set to double over the next 25 years.