How do they feel?

Here are some quotes from people who have memory loss and confusion. It gives you an idea of how they are feeling. Knowing how they feel inside will help you to understand why they sometimes say or do things that seem strange to you.

'It's like wading through treacle and when I get through the treacle there's a mist, which makes me wonder why I bothered with the treacle. But there are places we can go in the hours we spend together where there is no treacle - no mist - where everything is clear.'

'It's as though bits of my mind are still awake and bits have gone to sleep or start imagining things.'

'I have spent my life doing. But now I'm just ... being.'

'Memory is such a wonderful thing. But you don't appreciate that until it's disappearing. My brain feels like a sponge with great big holes in it.'

'Time is all out of joint. Things that happened yesterday seem a long time ago and things that happened a long time ago seem like yesterday. That is frightening.'

'I feel as though I am moving slowly down a road which is gently subsiding.'

'Recent events can quickly slip my mind. There is a lot of frustration due to misplacing things. I know they are close by, but I don't seem to recognise the objects that I'm looking for. I could cry. Conversing is no longer fun. It is difficult because I can't remember what I was going to say, or if it has already been said. I repeat myself. I seem to hop from one task to another and seldom complete anything. My short-term memory has gone from bad to worse.'

'My memory is stealing words from me. These are usually the names of things.'

'I lose track of what I am trying to say. Letter writing is difficult too because I can't remember how to spell familiar words or they don't look right.'

'I make unexpected word substitutions. Often the word is close, but not as fitting as the one I had hoped to use before it disappeared. Sometimes I have problems finishing sentences.'

'Too much information coming quickly makes me anxious and exhausted.'

'Sometimes I can't think what I'm supposed to do. I think about it, but do nothing. It's like I'm fuzzy in the head.'

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Dementia knows no social, economic, ethnic or geographical boundaries and affects millions of people throughout the world. As dementia progresses individuals affected need care with all aspects of daily life. Families mostly provide this care.