Meals for MEMORIES

Dine. Discuss. Donate.

Meals for MEMORIES is the idea of Sue Le Gallais.

"I have had personal experience of dementia - both my grandmother and my father lived with the illness.

I know of the amazing work done by Jersey Alzheimer's Association as they support those living with dementia, their families, friends and carers.

As a former professional cook, I guess it is not too surprising that my idea combines food and fund-raising!"

The Meals for Memories project aims to combine social occasions with discussion about dementia, and the opportunity to learn more about, and to donate to Jersey Alzheimer's Association.

The inaugural Meal for Memories event was held on 24 February 2016. His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor Sir John McColl and Lady McColl, patron of Jersey Alzheimer's Association, hosted a lunch at Government House.

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All the guests at the lunch have pledged to host further Meals for Memories, they are committed to raising awareness about dementia, and to supporting the work of Jersey Alzheimer's Association.


The Meals for Memories Project

There are 3 core elements in a Meals for Memories event:

  1. family, friends, neighbours, colleagues are invited to gather at a meal - it can be any kind of meal, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, breakfast, a picnic, a home cooked meal, or a meal in a restaurant or a beach café...

  2. during the meal, the guests spend some time discussing dementia and the impact it has on individuals, on families, on our Island community. Information supporting the project can be downloaded from the website, or printed copies are available;

  3. the guests will learn more about the work of Jersey Alzheimer's Association and how their donation will support this work.


Meals for invitation from Sue

"Many of us know someone with dementia, but often it is difficult to know how to help.

Everyone can be involved in this project, either as a guest or by hosting a Meals for Memories event.

Learning more about dementia raises awareness of the impact of this illness; greater awareness leads to a greater understanding of the challenges faced each and every day by those living with dementia. The support offered by Jersey Alzheimer's Association greatly increases the quality of life for those affected.

Please will you consider how to help...

  • To register your interest to host a Meals for Memories event, please email

  • To make a donation to support the work of Jersey Alzheimer's Association, please go to the Donate page of the charity's website:

  • If you are interested in offering your time as a volunteer to Jersey Alzheimer's Association please contact Mark Blamey 07700 336627; email:

Thank you - what you do will make a difference."                                                             

Sue Le Gallais, February 2016


If you plan to host a Meals for Memories event, the information you require can be downloaded. Each one of your guests will need a copy of the following:

  • Dementia Facts Placemat

  • Where to Begin

  • A Guide to our Services



Did you know?

If we could delay the onset of Alzheimer's by 5 years we could halve the number of people who die with the disease.