World Alzheimers Month 2019

Let's Talk about Dementia

September is World Alzheimer’s Month and alongside many other dementia organisations around the world Jersey Alzheimer’s Association (JAA) are encouraging people to get talking! This global campaign launched on September 1st by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) aims to get people talking more comfortably and openly about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. 

‘Let’s Talk About Dementia’, is based on the understanding that talking about dementia helps tackle the stigma, normalises language and encourages people to find our more, seek help, advice and support. 

The campaign encourages that often difficult first conversation and then aims to demystify dementia and to get people talking – through discussion and conversation comes better planning and support. 

JAA offers a variety of support to anyone who is affected by dementia in whatever way, as someone with worries, with a diagnosis, a carer, family member or friend. Support could be via our weekly activities, attendance at support groups or individual support via our counselling and family support service. 

On World Alzheimer’s Day, 21st September, ADI will release this year’s World Alzheimer Report focussing on the results of a global survey of almost 70,000 people – the biggest survey of attitudes to dementia ever undertaken. 

The survey, conducted by Alzheimer’s Disease International and the London School of Economics (LSE), highlights some of the key awareness and stigma challenges, attitudes and behaviour around dementia, 

Two thirds of people who responded to the survey still believe that dementia is caused by normal ageing and 1 in 4 people think that there is nothing we can do to prevent dementia.  These are huge barriers to people coming forward and realising that there is so much you can do to manage the condition and live well at home and in the community for as long as possible.  The “Let’s talk about dementia” campaign simply aims to get people into a conversation about dementia, the warning signs, risk reduction, who to speak to and where to go for advice. 

Sean Pontin, Chief Executive Officer of Jersey Alzheimer’s Association said, ‘JAA exists to provide advice, support and information to the whole community and since 2012 has seen an increase of over 235% in the amount of people seeking our support and accessing our activities. He continued, ‘It is terrifying to know that every 3 seconds someone else is diagnosed with dementia somewhere around the world and we are working hard to make Jersey a more dementia aware island and combat misinformation. We continue to work very closely with colleagues across the island and from the Government of Jersey to make dementia a priority and hope that 2020 will see real progress towards a long overdue island wide strategy’  

On Friday 20th September Jersey Alzheimer’s Association will welcome clients, carers, supporters and colleagues from across the island to a celebration lunch at The Royal Hotel where the JAA and Health & Community Service annual awards will also be presented.



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Did you know?

Dementia is a disorder of the brain that affects how well it works. It affects millions of people, mostly older adults.