Jersey Online Directory

Jersey Online Directory, known as 'JOD': is a way of presenting information to the population of Jersey.  It comes as part of the States' objective to provide better information, advice and practical support, in accordance with the Health White Paper.

JOD has been compiled by Jersey Citizens Advice in association with HSSD as a major online resource for all who live in the Island and who have access to a computer. 

By searching JOD you will find up-to-date information about what is going on in Jersey and details of how to access services, organisations (and their websites) and activities that are right for you.   

JOD can be read in a number of languages and text is translated at the click of a mouse. 

JOD is also of great benefit to non-computer users as information can be quickly obtained from the website, printed out, and sent by mail to people in need of help.

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